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Poster: vaagheid Date: Apr 16, 2009 4:47am
Forum: feature_films Subject: A silent film

A friend of mine has a copy of a silent Dutch film he found recently in a crawl-space under his house, this unique film was independently produced by a German-Dutch filmmaker called Joseph Steinwhreck who (through fraude) came to own a film camera and a couple of roles 8 MM-film, with this camera he independently produced a low-budget stage film over a man called Adolph (the film was made in the early twentys) who wants to have a relationship with a women who hasn't the slightest idea that he exsists. Partally thanks to his voyeuristic underthone the film wasn't acepted by any of the local theatres and was (I believe) shown only once for friends and family of the filmmaker. The filmmaker of Jewish background took his life by jumping in the waal (a river near Nijmegen, were he lived) just after the invasion of Holland in 1940 at age 38. The film was currently send to a filmlab for reconstruction afterwards thye copy while be send back to my friend in digital form were (if people intrested) he can put English subtitles under it and after which I can upload it to the site(therefor it could take a while).

film: Adolph, een vertelling van eenzijdige liefde
Year: 1920's ?
Producer: Joseph Steinwhreck
Director: Joseph Steinwhreck
Cast: Joseph Steinwhreck, L'Amour (probably a hooker)
Camera: Huppeldepup Hatseflats (pseudoniem)
Editing: Joseph Steinwhreck
Text: Dutch

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